zaavan co. and beepBo

Friday, May 05, 2006

speech therapy

this is zaavan at speech therapy working with the dynavox and playing with the bubbles! his therapist likes to make him "kiss" the bubbles to work on pursing his lips together, in order to improve mouth and jaw function. the little green alligator is a device that vibrates and is used for muscle stimualtion to improve oral motor skills. zaavan isn't thrilled, but at least he tolerates it, which is a far cry from where he was two months ago. he has always had a pretty significant aversion to anything even coming near his face, let alone in his mouth! i'm sooooo proud of my little guy!!

it's about time!!

ok, i know this has been a long overdue update! sorry for keeping you all on the edge of your seats waiting for a progress report. thanks for your patience, and for harassing me into action!
zaavan continues to amaze us seems that almost daily he is doing something new or different. his teacher called me at home last week just to gush over his progress! every week at PT/OT, his therapists are noticing an improvement in his alertness and abilities. zaavan is quickly mastering a communication device called a "dynavox" which is a portable electronic screen that displays images for him to choose (or not) what he wants. with the help of a push button switch that he uses by moving his head left (no) or right (yes), he is making clear and consistent choices.
so far bubbles seem to be his fave as he chooses them almost immediately every time, and then after he pushes the switch, the image on the screen gets bigger and says "i want more bubbles", and he promptly looks right at the bubbles and smiles BIG as if to say "make with the bubbles!"
i am elated to say that zaavan continues to be seizure free!!! it has been over a month since we have seen anything resembling his typical seizure activity, and because his little brain is relieved, he is literally "waking up". before the ketogenic diet, i was often unsure if zaavan even knew where he was, what he was doing, or who was with him at any given moment. i was convinced that he probably didn't even register who i was. now however, he seems to know his routine, he anticipates what is coming next, he pays close attention to whoever is with him by following them with his eye gaze, and his focus and eye contact continue to improve!
wowser! i feel like i better quit while i'm ahead. 'nuff said for now. keep on prayin' and giving glory and honor to the Father, without whom none of this would be possible.