zaavan co. and beepBo

Thursday, April 13, 2006

you got somethin' to say.....why don't you say it to my face?

good news for all of you who have been wanting to leave a comment but have not been able to because of the silly block on anonymous people: i have removed the block, (which i never really wanted) so feel free to comment yourself senseless! come on. don't be shy. i really want to know what you have to say. yes. do it. do it now. i'm waiting....

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Apple of my eye

this is him. this is my baby boy. well...he's not a baby any more, but he'll always be my sweet baby boy. i'll be real open here and say that jon and i have recently come to the discussion of having more children. i mean really talking about it. poring over the finer details. remembering the sacrifices. reveling in victory yet, in a way, declining to engage in battle a second time. part of me is more than justified in this decision taking into consideraton my (our) circumstances, and yet there is a part that wonders if we are giving up too soon. i don't know what i mean by giving up....ok....i guess i do know. would i be giving up on jon and i getting the chance to be "typical" parents?
i can't explain quite the conundrum that we are in. maybe opening the topic up for discussion will bring a point of view not yet discussed, or at least you can tell us we're stupid and shouldn't worry so much because we already have a beautiful, delicious little boy that is more than worth whatever pitiful sacrifices we feel sorry for ourselves for making.