zaavan co. and beepBo

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Wiggly tooth!

i have a wiggly tooth! my bottom front right tooth is loose so my mom and my PCA's have to keep checking it so i won't swallow it and choke. when it gets loose enough my mom or dad are gonna have to pull it out! i can't wait for a visit from the tooth fairy!

she ain't heavy, she's my sister

this summer i got a new baby sister! her name is Rowyn Alyse and she is kinda cute. mom and dad let us lie on the floor and play together, but sometimes she gets in my way of the t.v. i don't know what to think of her just yet, she doesn't bug me too much. she just moved into my room last week so now i have to get used listening to her cry at night. the best thing so far about having a baby sister is that now my mom doesn't bug me as much as she used to! my mom and dad seem to like her so i guess i better get used to her!